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ZMI introduces an alarm clock compatible with Alexa

My first association when I hear the word ZMI is powerbank. It was thanks to the production of portable power banks that the ZMI brand gained popularity. They also have products in their portfolio that hardly anyone is aware of. ZMI also manufactures cables, chargers and even a flashlight and a telephone. Look at the platform Youpinthere is a bit of it.

ZMI decided to create a gadget in a completely new industry, smart alarm clocks. What's more, this product has departed from the partnership with Xiaomi and established cooperation with the American giant, Amazon. The Reason Clock alarm clock is compatible with Alex's virtual assistant created by Amazon, not Xiao AI from Xiaomi. For us Poles, it does not matter because none of the above-mentioned virtual helpers support Polish.

With the ZMI smart alarm clock you can control all Alexa compatible smart home devices. The gadget also has support for music services such as Amazon Music and Deezer. Using English, you can order your favorite song to be played, check the weather or calendar tasks for the upcoming day.

ReasonClock sales will begin on October 15. The product has been valued at $ 20.

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