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Do you have a problem with installing / Miuipolska on Xiaomi Mi 8? I have a solution

As you know well in every entry regarding Xiaomi smartphones, I note that always in their devices with the Mi logo installs a ROM called Miuipolska and are the same software versions, the Polish website is responsible for the translation. Recently I had a problem with installing / Miuipolska on Xiaomi Mi 8, I fought two hours and found a solution. / Miuipolska on Xiaomi Mi 8 / Miuipolska on Xiaomi Mi 8 does not work? Change TWRP

My problem looked as follows. I unlocked the bootloader, I've uploaded the latest TWRP called digger - dedicated to the Mi 8 smartphone. For clarity, each smartphone has a different version of TWRP. If you do not know what is the twrp, then I am explaining it, twrp is the recovery mode, we install rom in it and we carry out an update later. I uploaded the latest version of for Mi 8, as if everything was fine. An automatic reset of the smartphone has been installed, and here is a meatball. He did not run, I could not do anything with him. All the time I saw a black screen with the logo of Mi, the system could not load. After a few seconds the smartphone resets itself and again.

I found that I would activate the recovery mode (run the twrp), it is done with the power and + button (increasing the volume) and this also did not work, the phone resets again at every attempt. The only thing I could do was turn on the fastboot mode, I struggled with it a few hours until I finally found a solution. The problem lay in the latest version of twrp, please upload the older one. I tried five different until I finally found the correct one. The link to the good version is below.

[su_button url = "" target = "blank" style = "flat" background = "# FF7416 yes″ = wide "Center =" yes "icon =" icon: hand-o-right "] TWRP DO Mi 10 [/ su_button]

I hope that this will solve your problem and save some time to fight with a smartphone that has become a "brick" because for a moment, nothing worked.

Why do I always choose software provides weekly updates in which the latest feature from the Chinese development version is added. And only later, after a few months, they reach the global version. Sometimes they do not go at all, believe me that smartphones with this soft gain additional, useful functions and operate faster. One of the most important updates for me was adding gesture and full screen support to the Mi Mix 2, thus dropping the buttons at the bottom. With news, it is most likely on Friday that will introduce Android 9 for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s.

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