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Do you buy in China or foreign currency? Do you travel a lot? Create a Revolut account!

Revolut made its debut in 2015 for four years, 4 has joined millions of customers for four years. During that time, millions of transactions were carried out over 350, including several hundred of mine.

I have been using the Revolut service for almost two years, I have an account since December 2017. I set up my account for one purpose, savings. When I buy equipment in China, I always pay in dollars. Revolut allows free exchange of up to 140 currencies at the current exchange rate. It does not charge fees in the same way as banks or online currency exchange offices. To make the most of Revolut's potential, you must order a physical card that works on a prepaid basis. You do not have to keep all your money on it, all you need is the amount you need for shopping. Thanks to this the Revolut card is safe on all trips and when paying in suspicious online stores.

How does the currency exchange in Revolut work?

Suppose you already have your card. Now all you have to do is top up your Revolut account with your regular card you have received from the bank. After a second, the payment should be recorded and funds will be available in the Revolut balance.

You have transferred 100 zlotys and you want to buy the Mi Band 3 band on Aliexpress for $ 20. You do not need to change currency. All you have to do is pay with the Revolut card and the application will convert the required amount yourself according to the current exchange rate without commission. Revolut from the 100 amount available in the account will convert 77 zlotys to $ 20. The remaining 23 PLN will still be available on your account. The same is the other way round, you have $ 20 on your account and you go to Biedronka for bread rolls. The amount will be automatically converted at the current international dollar rate into PLN, without any commission.

If you are tracking currency rates and you see a drop in the dollar, and in a few weeks you go on holiday and you need it, then you can convert your zloty into dollars at any time. To the amount of 20 000 PLN per month, the conversion is free.

The Revolut card is the perfect holiday solution

Are you flying to the UK, USA, Hong Kong, anywhere and you do not want banks to rip off for every card transaction? All you need to do is use the Revolut card and it will convert the available balance into local currency at zero commission. In addition to savings, safety also increases significantly. If you accidentally lose the Revolut card, it will be a lot less loss than you would lose your main card.

The exact statistics in the application are also cool and transparent, everything can be seen on a tray.


Free withdrawals from an ATM

Revolut card allows free withdrawal from ATMs to 800 zlotys per month, then 2% commission is charged.

It's all for free

The order for a physical Revolut card is 25 PLN, but if you create an account with my link you'll get it for free + additional PLN 33! All you have to do is verify your identity (standard procedure in the European Union when setting up your bank account) and top up with 20. You will not lose this money, it will automatically appear on your Revolut account for release.

If you order from my link, I will also benefit from it. I will receive a metal Revolut card for free, I just need to convince 5 people to create an account. I have been using the service myself since December 2017 therefore I highly recommend it. If you are one of these five people, thank you so much!

Everything that I described above is available in Revolut absolutely for free. There are also available paid programs for which we get additional functions and privileges, e.g. at the airport. You can read more about the benefits of having a metal or premium card in the Revolut app.

If you are determined then remember, I recommend it my link 🙂 Do you also want to get a metal card for a year for free? Leave your recommendation link in the comment.

I will add soon Revolut card can be connected to Apple Pay. The small edition, now works with Apple Pay!

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