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Yeelight Ceiling Light Pro - 90W pure light or absolute darkness

Are your purchases always rational? Or maybe you have like me, it happens to me, unfortunately, quite often that he buys a product of the brand I like, and then I have nowhere to use them. This was the case with the Yeelight Ceiling Light Pro 90W ceiling lamp, a huge colossus for the ceiling that I bought because I like the Yeelight brand and their products.

First, I started from the ceiling Yeelight Ceiling, then I bought a model with ambilight lighting for the ceiling - Jiaoyue 650. When Yeelight presented Yeelight Ceiling Light Pro 90W, I realized that I also want to have one!

Yeelight Ceiling Light Pro 90W

The lamp is really huge, its dimensions are 96 cm x 64 cm x 11.3 cm and has been leaning against the wall for several months. It's too big and I have nowhere to mount it, good job me.

The Pro version of 90W is Yeelight Ceiling on steroids

Of course, as soon as the lamp came to me, I connected it for a short time, i.e. I supplied it with a power cord ended with a plug to the 230V socket. Thanks to that I could check all its functions and I must admit that this is another very good Yeelight product.

Do you know what I like Yeelight products for the most? For the possibility of dimming almost to zero. The Yeelight Ceiling Light Pro 90W ceiling lamp is like a Mercedes AMG A45 (I hope I will have it someday), it has enormous power, but when we don't need it it can shine gently, more gently than a lamp inserted in a socket in a children's room. In night mode, the lamp reaches from 1-140 lm, and in daytime mode from 700 to 6000 lm.

Yeelight Ceiling Light Pro 90W

Designed for rooms from 20 to 30 square meters

Together with the lamp I received a bluetooth remote control, you can optionally buy one Yeelight dimmer to stick to the wall, I recommend buying it. You can control the color temperature and light output in a quick and convenient way. Yeelight Pro 90W allows adjustment from 2700K - 6500K. An ideal product for people who like once cold and once warm light.

The lamp supports Google Home, Amazon Echo and Xiaomi ecosystem

The product can be managed using the Yeelight or Mi Home application. Personally, I prefer Yeelight, but to create scenes with other devices from the Xiaomi ecosystem, use Mi Home. The plus is that when paired with one of them, it automatically appears in the other. The lamp also plays the role of BLE Gateway, e.g. for a thermometer.

In the application, you can smoothly adjust the power, color temperature or use ready-made scenes prepared by Yeelight, e.g. Sunrise, Sunset, Movie Night, Dressing. In addition, you can set a timer (countdown to turn off), the schedule of automatic on / off, but for a real Xiaomi maniac the fun begins in Mi Home when creating scenes.

Below is a list of lamp functions when other devices emit a signal, e.g. a motion sensor.

Yeelight Ceiling Light Pro 90W

Remember to set the "start light"!

Yeelight products are always live but inactive use minimal amounts of electricity. Remember, however, to set the light initially, the light with which the lamp will start after a momentary power outage (power outage for several minutes). By default, the lamp starts at FULL, 100% power. Once I had such an emergency wake up call with the Jiaoyue 650 lamp. Cold light, white walls and several thousand lumens directly at you. Wake up and complete confusion, "I felt like heaven."

The lamp Yeelight Ceiling Light Pro 90W I recommend if you have a large ceiling, it's a shame that it stands against the wall like in my house :). You will certainly be satisfied with the action, and in combination with dimmer is a perfect set.

.... sorry for the lack of photos, but I did not want to make holes in the ceiling at a distance of + - 90 cm from each other.

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