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Xiaomi has renewed the temperature and humidity sensor with the display

The previous generation is the only smart home sensor from Xiaomi that has broken me ... it held about a year. I thought that 2x AAA batteries were exhausted, I mentioned and unfortunately it did not help. I wanted to order the same one again, and here tonight Xiaomi presented a newer model.

The new version has the dimensions 74mm x 14mm. The display shows the same information as the older model: temperature, humidity, bluetooth connection and battery status. For about a year of using the first generation, the battery level has fallen by half, so I saw this result before the sensor stopped working. In the new model, Xiaomi gave up two AA batteries (small fingers) and replaced them with one CR2430 tablet.

From now on, the sensor can also be placed on the desk thanks to the adjustable support. As a reminder, the previous model could only be glued to a flat surface. This assembly method is also possible, the manufacturer attaches the 3M double-sided tape to the set. The sensor records temperature in the range from 0 to 55 degrees Celsius.

Xiaomi has renewed the sensor

The previous generation had bluetooth in the 4.0 version, the new model is bluetooth 5.0 which is faster and more economical. The sensor can be integrated with other smart home devices from the Mi Home application from Xiaomi. To do this, you must have a BLE Gateway. Devices that perform the above-mentioned function are e.g. treadmill, bedside lamp, ceiling lights, air humidifier.

The new temperature and humidity sensor has been priced in China for 99 yuan, $ 15. I am waiting until it will be available in stores offering shipping to Europe and I will definitely order.

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