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Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1C budget standalone vacuum cleaner for PLN 710

The number of Xiaomi smartphones is a bit dizzy, I definitely like the Apple and OnePlus policies that do not present new models every month. Xiaomi wants its products to be associated with the premium brand, which is why the Redmi sub-brand for cheaper devices was created. In my opinion, too complicated offer is not conducive to premium brand labelingbut let's return to the vacuum cleaner.

We already have saturation in smartphones, when it comes to autonomous vacuum cleaners it is also "very rich". The Mi Home app displays 11 models of vacuum cleaners, among them is the new model - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop, also referred to as the 1C symbol.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1C is a cheap vacuum cleaner with a mop function

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1C

The dimensions of the new model are 353 mm x 350 mm x 81.5 mm. The last dimension is the most important, especially for people who have furniture on their feet. 81.55 mm height will rather allow you to get under the vast majority of dressers and other furniture. The manufacturer declares that the vacuum cleaner is able to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high.

The VSLAM algorithm is responsible for the precise selection of the cleaning route, and the necessary computing power is generated by the Cortex A7 system with the Mali 400 graphics processor. The suction power is 2500 Pa.

A battery with a capacity of 2400 mAh is enough to clean the surface of 120 square meters. The capacity of the dirt tank is 600 ml, and the water tank has the capacity of 200 ml. Yes, a new and cheap vacuum cleaner is equipped with a mop. A function that Xiaomi originally introduced in the model Roborock S50.

Where did Xiaomi save on the C1 model?

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1C does not have such an advanced laser 360 LSD sensor degrees as in more expensive models. Instead, the vacuum cleaner can only see the 166 degrees in the field, fortunately it has a level change detection system, so it won't fall down the stairs.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1C has been priced in China at 1299 yuan, or $ 185.

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