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Xiaomi external camera - unpacking and BIG preview problem

At the beginning of June Xiaomi presented under the own brand Mijia the first outdoor camera (IP65). The product is interesting enough that you do not need to pull any cables on the facade, the camera works theoretically wirelessly. It has a built-in battery that is enough for 100 garden monitoring days.

I used the word theoretically because the set consists of two parts: the camera that we mount outside and the central unit with which the camera connects. The control panel should be powered and connected via Wi-Fi or an ordinary computer cable to our router. The power supply cable to the central unit is the only cable necessary, the connection to the router can be bypassed and only use Wi-Fi.

As you can see, it is an ideal product for people who have completed the renovation of their home, made a beautiful facade but forgot about the monitoring cable. The Xiaomi camera is simply attached to the wall plugs or glued to a flat surface. At home, we mount a central unit that provides recordings to the cloud or saves them on a microSD card. Of course, we put the memory card into the switchboard, if someone steals the camera, we will have it registered on the card in the switchboard.

We manage the camera from the Mi Home application level, add the control panel and then the camera to it. In the application we can preview the live image and set monitoring. As soon as the camera detects a threat, we will receive a notification and access to the 10 second video of the detected threat.

Problem with LTE preview

I've already been at the camera for a few weeks and can't solve the preview problem. If I am in the same Wi-Fi network as the paired switchboard, the application connects without any problems. However, when I leave the house or switch the LTE network, I can not connect to the camera and watch what is happening outside. To sum up, the most important function, preview when I'm out, doesn't work.

Outdoor camera xiaomi problem
After several dozen seconds of trying to establish a connection, disconnected appears.

I do not know how to fix it, I delayed the entry for so long because I ordered another one from China and I have exactly the same problem. I tried different things, at first I gave a friend to test without reporting the problem, and it was exactly the same. Unable to connect to 3G / LTE, everything works fine via Wi-Fi. I tried to create a hotspot with a second phone and to pair the switchboard with it and still the same problem. I connected the switchboard to the router with a cable and it didn't help either ...

I have no idea how to fix it. Someone has encountered such a problem and has a solution ?!

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