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Xiaobai N1 new external camera for Youpin compatible with Xiaomi Smart Home

Xiaobai is the brand responsible for introducing the external battery-powered camera in the Xiaomi offer. The product is assumed to be sensational because it offers 100 days on a single chargebut in practice it is different. Best read my review. Let's return to the new model.

Xiaobai N1 is a new external swivel camera that allows pairing with the Mijia ecosystem, the Mi Home app. The camera can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to perfectly capture the desired frame. Right / left movement, levels can be adjusted using the smartphone application within the 270 degrees range.

Xiaobai N1

As I wrote, this is an external camera. It is IP66 hermetic and should survive adverse weather conditions. It is not afraid of water, dust and sand. The Xiaobai N1 sealed housing has a resolution sensor 2 megapixels offering video recording in 1080 quality. Infrared LEDs provide good visibility even after dark at distances to 15 meters.

A camera that can only detect people's movements, not insects.

Xiaobai N1

The camera is equipped with artificial intelligence that can recognize objects in the frame. How does this work in practice? When we activate the mode motion detection of people, we will not receive a smartphone notification when, for example, an insect flies in front of the camera or the sun's rays come out from behind the cloud. If a human is detected, the camera will save 10 second video presenting the threat.

Xiaobai N1

The Xiaobai N1 outdoor rotating camera has been valued in China at 199 yuan, $ 29. The crowndfunging campaign continues for 11 days, so far the new camera has collected 1697% of the amount needed. Shipping to the first people will begin 18 December 2019 year.

The camera is now available in the store Banggood.

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