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This is how the new 20W wireless car charger from Xiaomi works

During the premiere of Mi 9 Xiaomi presented several gadgets. I definitely like the new "wireless" car charger. It is currently the fastest wireless charger on the market, offering charging power up to 20W.

The device is compatible with any smartphone that has a wireless charging function. If you have Mi 9, you will take full advantage of its potential, otherwise the charging power will be automatically reduced to the supported value.

First, see how it works:

It's true that it's great? Inside there is a proximity sensor that detects your smartphone. The mechanism that opens to the sides feels solid. Xiaomi also well solved the holder that we press in the air, has a button that loosens the spring. Such solutions work perfectly in CooWoo handle. In the product with the Mi logo it can only be better.

20W wireless car charger

The new car charger is not available in Europe, you can order it at the service AliExpress.. Of course I am ordering, I hope that it will reach me quickly!

Amendment, I ordered in the store As if advance sale, and they sent to me within a few hours of ordering.

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