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The Dotdroid application extends the capabilities of Xiaomi AirDots

Xiaomi wireless headphones AirDots they have a touch panel for control. By default, a single tap when listening to music pauses / resumes, double activation of the virtual assistant. What if you want to switch to the next song? Dotdroid application comes with help, it is available for download in Play Store

In the application, you can personalize what will happen after a single and double tap. There are many options to choose from:

  • no reaction
  • next song
  • previous song
  • louder
  • quieter
  • scroll 15 seconds back
  • scroll 15 seconds forward
  • activating Google Assistant
  • Current time (in Chinese)

A single tap always works, with a double different. The creator of the application orders to perform a slow double, unfortunately it does not always help me. The Dotdroid application is still in development, hopefully it will be refined over time.

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