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Summer is coming, a stylish VH desk fan will help during hot weather

In Poland, it's summer weather, tomorrow is to be as high as 28 degrees Celsius. It is a good moment to stock up on fans that will help when the summer hits with full power, as it was last year in Poland. The temperatures were record-breaking and there were no fans in the stores, and the air-conditioning companies had their hands full. Today I decided to check if my equipment for fighting the heat is working.

In the fall of last year, I ordered a VH brand desk fan powered from a USB socket. It is a company that cooperates with Xiaomi and offers its products on the Youpin sales platform. I am tempted with the purchase of advertising graphics, where the fan looks really stylish, the people responsible for the design hit my taste perfectly.

It's true that it looks great? 🙂

I could not decide which colors to choose, well that there was not much choice: only white or black. Ultimately, I decided on a white version. When it reached me in the fall, temperatures oscillated around 10 degrees Celsius, there was no point in using a VH fan. I threw it in the trunk of the car and waited for its time until today.

The VH desk fan has a body made of hard material and a leather strap that has two functions: a handle to hang on the wall or supports when placed on a desk. The fan does not have a battery, it should be plugged into any USB port, I decided to plug in a slow USB in the monitor.

Hello, but how does it turn on?

I plugged in the plug and nothing. I am looking for some button on the housing and there is nothing. Trying to move the wire, maybe something is not touching and nothing, it still does not work. I thought maybe the USB socket did not work for me, that's why I checked in another but still the same. The fan does not budge. I accidentally touched the fan casing with my hand and moved off, paced again and began to spin even faster. After pressing again, the fan turned off.

VH fan

The entire fan body is a "button". Just gently press your finger on the casing and it will start working. If we squeeze the fan with the whole hand more firmly it will not react, so when I tried to find the button, it did not automatically start when I took it in my hand.

As I mentioned, the fan has two powers. On the first one it emits noise 34 dB, and on a higher power 48 dB. It is not a big noise but you can hear that it works. If you like working in silence, it can distract you, it does not bother me and I am very pleased.

If you are looking for a small ally on the desk in the fight against the upcoming heat, I recommend VH equipment. I ordered it so long that I do not remember in which store. If you are interested then I found it in and even a new color, pink, is available.

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