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Review: Redmi AirDots - mixed feelings

I had the idea of ​​buying AirDots headphones from Xiaomi or Redmi. After establishing cooperation on the portal, Michał offered to provide it for testing. Would I risk buying and using them now? The answer can be found later in the text.

What's in the box?

The packaging is neat and stylistically compatible with other Xiaomi packaging. We find in it a manual in Chinese, a charging case with headphones and 3 pairs of silicone rubber bands.

Appearance and quality of workmanship

I use Redmi AirDots in black. Men's choice. After that, in my opinion, they look like pills - a streamlined, oval shape with charging pins at the bottom and a button at the top. The button itself is physical, there is no touch mini panel with Xiaomi AirDots. At the bottom of the handset a small diode lights up nicely, which has two colors - red and white. They correspond to various functions, such as pairing or charging. The whole earpiece is crowned with an ear rubber with a channel through which the music flows.

The charging case is also oval, with a rounded bottom on which the parameters and information are printed (in Chinese). On top we have the Mi logo (I was expecting rather Redmi). The headphones' holes inside the case are perfectly matched, and the whole looks neat and fairly solid. My only concern is the flap, which could be broken off if hit harder. It just bends slightly backwards, so if we sit on an open case, it may break. The material is not very hard and stiff - hence the concerns.


The headphones fit comfortably in the ear, provided they are not there long. The intrathecal type of construction unfortunately tires the ears quite quickly and in this case there are no exceptions.

If you want to use the built-in button, you have to press it quite hard, which is not convenient. You just push the phone into your ear.

The case is quite comfortable, but at the same time thick. We will not hide it in the smallest pocket in jeans, but rather in the main pocket. this is not the handiest case I had in my hands, but I will not say that it is bad. It is simply thick, but it is partly the fault of the headphones - they must fit.


Headphones are paired like any Bluetooth device. You just have to remember to pair the right handset - then the left handset will automatically join. If we pair the left one, there will be no sound in the right one and it will work by itself.

I had problems starting one of the headphones, left. She wouldn't turn on, but the battery was completely empty. It had to take a long time to turn on. The second, right, joined in immediately. After pairing, everything was fine initially. As you listened, however, problems began to arise. The headphones were out of sync and the sound was delayed in one of them, it happened randomly. Another time, one of the headphones simply stopped working, there was no sound. Again, I had to connect it to the phone for everything to work. Redmi AirDots are not completely maintenance free, sometimes they rebel.


If you are looking for headphones with good sound that does not tire, this is not the choice for you. Redmi AirDots have quite good bass, they lack some treble, and the midrange does not appear. Maybe the designer died before he heard them and there was no way to change the design. And seriously, I'm tired of this bass and the lack of the rest of the range.

The conversations are clear, but they are far from the competition. My interlocutors described my voice "as if I had a telephone in the back of my head". I heard them well, although there was no space, no air. With more noise you have to focus, because you can hear low tones rather than high ones, just like with music.

I would like to say more about the sound, but I can't. I just can't get anything more out of them. Most suited to listening to fast music and pop, at the same time you have to remember that we will not hear details. But every day, when the streets are roaring and the bus or tram is full of people - we will hardly notice the difference.


Yes, I remember all the time that these are wireless headphones for around 80-100 PLN (I'm talking about Chinese prices - if someone found cheaper, good for you). I can't require Apple AirPods or headphones from Sony or Samsung. But this is not a product that I would associate with Xiaomi quality - a good product at a good price.

Are they worth the money? Probably, considering the prices of today's electronics. We get wireless headphones with a long operating time. I don't use wired headphones anymore, unless I want to listen to something deeper, but that's another audio league.

In summary, Redmi AirDots is a good choice for people with a small budget and not very high audio requirements. Such people will definitely be satisfied. Others suggest looking for something better for larger amounts.

PS This is my first review - if you have comments, feel free to discuss dyskusji

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