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A position sensor from Aqara, complement Xiaomi Smart Home

In the Smart Home ecosystem Xiaomi there are various sensors, eg: motion, temperature, flooding, humidity. The product I am describing today was created by the Aqara brand, but it is compatible with the Mi Home application and you can combine it with other devices such as Yeelight bulbs / lamps.

Aqara positioning sensor is a universal gadget with many applications. You can put it in the drawer or attach it to the image, moving the item will automatically start the defined scene.

The devices are the same size as the Aqara thermometer. Dimensions are 36 mm x 36 mm x 9mm. Works at temperatures from - 10 degrees Celsius to + 45 degrees Celsius. The power supply is one CR2032 battery. The device communicates via ZigBee therefore it is necessary to have a gate. In the set, together with the sensor, we receive a double-sided tape to glue the sensor to a smooth surface.

How does the Aqara position sensor work?

The operation is very simple: in the Mi Home application we have three variables for the election:

  • shock detection
  • tilt detection
  • detection of a fall

When any of these events is detected by the sensor, an automatic reaction of another device will take place, depending on what happens to you. For example, a lightbulb in a room will be turned on or we will receive phone alerts about a threat.

All events are recorded in logs, you always have a preview in the Mi Home application at which time "alarm was triggered". If you see application for such a sensor, then Aqara product I recommend it most.

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