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Ninebot S is a toy for older children
Ninebot S.

For several weeks, thanks to Xiaomi Polska I have the opportunity to test Ninebot S. It is a platform on two wheels that allows movement, and I must admit that it arouses great interest in other people. During the tests, I noticed that people who first come into contact with Ninebot S are divided into two groups. The first is interested and willing to try to ride, and the second is also interested, but is afraid to enter. To be honest, if I had to try my hand in a public place, I would probably belong to the second group. I don't know what I would be more afraid of, possible broken limbs, or a comic movie on social media with millions of views ..

Ninebot S.

At the beginning I will point out that I have never had contact with this type of vehicle. Unfortunately, at home I didn't have any protectors or a helmet, so full of fear I started my first attempt to ride the Ninebot, holding onto the fence. To start Ninebot just press the button on the housing and Ninebot will automatically catch the pawn. Now put one foot in the designated place, then the other, and Ninebot will maintain balance. Sounds simple, what can't I do? And I didn't give it. My first ascent, of course by sticking to the fence, looked like the first L ride and releasing the clutch too quickly. I started to move front to back and in light panic jumped down, 1-0 for Ninebot.

Ninebot S.

After a few minutes it turns out that the devil is not as scary as he is painted. It's enough to put both legs firmly and quickly, and Ninebot will make sure we keep balance. During the first attempts I did this powooooli and therefore there were problems. When we are standing, this transfer of body weight to the toes results in driving forward and adequately, the weight of the heels on the heels activates reverse gear. The more you tilt, the faster your Ninebot will reach, maximum 17 km / h. To turn sideways, just press the knee on the vertical bar, which is also a handle to carry Ninebot. I have to admit that controlling the knees turns out to be very convenient and you can even turn around in place without any problems.

How does Ninebot perform in urban travel?

If you like to be in the center of attention and live in a smaller city, this is the equipment for you. You will catch the attention of the vast majority of pedestrians encountered on the road. Ninebot S weighs 12,8 kg and is able to accelerate to 17 km / h. If we exceed this value, we will hear a warning signal and Ninebot will return to the upright position. 10,5 inch pneumatic tires catch delicate holes in pavements quite well, much better than the Xiaomi M365 scooter. Unfortunately, you need to watch out for larger holes and other objects exceeding 1 cm, including curbs, confrontation with them will end very badly for both Ninebot and the operator. Where you felt discomfort traveling with a Xiaomi scooter, there Ninebot S will do well. There is also no problem to cross the lawn or sandy ground. Larger wheels work very well.

Ninebot S.

According to the manufacturer's assurances, the battery is enough to travel 22 kilometers, of course this is a value in "laboratory conditions". In real terms, at my weight + -75kg, allowed me to drive 18 km. Charging from 0 to 100% takes less than four hours. The battery charge status is fully visible on the display while driving.

The application on a smartphone allows you to personalize lighting and shows the mileage

The Ninebot app allows you to configure front and rear lighting, set a speed limit for beginners, and even remote control using a smartphone. It works on average and is only suitable for a few minutes of fun.

The application also provides quite a few interesting statics, including the total mileage of the ride. The test Ninebot I received has 167 mileage 🙂

So how is it worth buying Ninebot S?

Can Ninebot S be a vehicle every day on the way to work? In my opinion, yes, if you have good pavements on your route and there are no high curbs, it will cope with minor obstacles. It also works very well as a transport to the public transport stop, it takes much less space than the Xiaomi M365 scooter.

I certainly would not buy it for a child to travel in the vicinity of cars traveling at 50 + km / h, it is definitely equipment for adults. If you were thinking about buying a hoverboard, Ninebot S will be definitely a better choice.

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