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MIUI For Watch - a system designed for Xiaomi smartwatch, there is a video!

Xiaomi yesterday revealed the specification and appearance of the Mi Watch, and today we received information about the operating system. Xiaomi has announced via Weibo that the watch will work on MIUI For Watch, which is a special version of MIUI for the watch.

The watch interface is shown in two videos:

How are the impressions of MIUI For Watch? Personally, I don't like tiles, round icons on Apple Watch, that's why I changed them to a list of applications sorted alphabetically. In my opinion, this is a faster and more convenient solution. In the Xiaomi system, I am concerned about one very important function for me.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown whether MIUI For Watch will be an overlay on the WearOS by Google system, or a separate system created by Xiaomi. If the second option is rather we definitely have to forget about contactless payments via NFC outside of China. On the other hand, why Xiaomi would give the name MIUI for the operating system, after all, it is currently the name of an overlay for Android smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi Watch APP

On the Chinese social network has been published graphics showing the grid of applications for the watch, I'm worried that you can see in it only Chinese apps. Yesterday I was convinced that the watch would support Google Pay, I'm not so sure today.

The official November 5 presentation, there are still a few days left and certainly Xiaomi will reveal even more secrets on Weibo.

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  • You can see that in appearance it is such an Apple Watch, but available to owners of Android phones. I like the square icons. I don't have an Apple Watch, but I don't really like the round icons when iOS is square, although elegantly rounded. However, you can see that Apple is the inspiration for Xiaomi. I wonder if eSIM will work only in China or if eSIM can be hooked up in other countries. I have not heard of Xiaomi phones with eSIM, so maybe Xiaomi is testing eSIM on the watch and maybe introducing eSIM to the phones. That would be a major breakthrough, because I have heard about eSIM on Google Pixel 2, and on iPhone Xs

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