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Intelligent power strip - Xiaomi Smart Power Strip

xiaomi mi smart power strip

The intelligent power strip Xiaomi is another product of the Chinese manufacturer, after Smart Socket (Zigbee version) caring about our portfolio, through the impact on reducing the bill for electric energy. The device allows you to track the current consumption of electricity, set the hours in which the list is to transmit power, remotely switch on and off using a smartphone. Xiaomi Smart Power Strip is a product worth recommending?

The device has 6 sockets, three for grounded plugs and three for flat plugs, unfortunately, grounded plugs are adapted to the Asian market. We must use adapters or put flat plugs in all six slots. Each socket has a lock against children, you need to use some force to insert the plug. The strip has one button for switching on and off the entire strip and two LEDs. White informs whether the device is running and blue if the list is connected via WiFi with the router. The maximum power that can be loaded on the strip is 10A - 2500W, it is protected against overvoltage and overload. It has about two meters long wire terminated with a Chinese plug.

The strip management center, as in any Xiaomi product, is the Mi Home application, available for iOS and Android. In both cases, the Xiaomi Smart Power Strip management application has been translated into English. We have the opportunity to introduce the price we pay for 1kWh and the app will calculate how much electricity can be saved on the accounts. Unfortunately, in this place, the only currency is Chinese yuan. The device is vaporized by pressing + in the Mi Home application.

Xiaomi Smart Power Strip
Mi Home application
Xiaomi Smart Power Strip
Intelligent power strip

The application is made minimalist. The central button in the middle is for switching on or off. Underneath, we can see information about the state of the on / off device, and current consumption of devices connected to the strip. In the bottom row from the left is again the on / off button, the timer allows you to set the hours of operation. The configuration is very extensive allowing to set any day for any purpose. I used to work every day from 18 to 22. The last button is the statistics, the vertical chart informs about the consumption of electricity in kWh, levels of the day of the week. The yellow line is responsible for consumption in hours from 8 to 20, and blue from 20 to 8. The main menu also has a small difference between iOS and Android, the Android device has the ability to set Countdown.

Mi home app
Intelligent strip xiaomi
instant power mi home
Instant Power

After clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner, we can see additional information and configuration options. Instant Power informs about the current consumption of electricity, is updated every 5 seconds. Local Electricity Price setting price for 1kWh, unfortunately Chinese yuan. Elektronic Consumption are statistics that allow you to view the power consumption in a different time interval than just a week. There is another difference between iOS and Android here. The system is iOS, we only receive information textand for Android in the form chart.. Then, in my opinion, the Auto Close function is very interesting, it allows you to set the Xiaomi Smart Socket to be switched off automatically if the current consumption of all devices connected to the list for x time will be y Watts. X and Y can be freely modified. My configuration - if the 5 min gets less than 5W, the automatic shutdown takes place. In the settings we also have the option of turning off the diodes. In addition, we can assign the device name, share it to another Mi account, and set up automatic scenes with other devices from the Xiaomi ecosystem.


Xiaomi Smart Power Strip is a very well made product, the intellectual listawa allows you to save on electricity. I have 4 devices connected to the terminal in standby mode, they download about 22W, Xiaomi Smart Power Strip takes less than one watt. If we assume that for 20 hours the device would be on the armed mode, and not as defined in the timer settings, that the strip should be turned on only from eighteenth to twenty-second. Daily, devices would take 440W unnecessarily, annually it is 160kwH if we multiply this by 60 grosz per kWh. The annual profit from having a strip is around PLN 96. In addition, we can control the strip from any place using a smartphone. I am definitely one of the Smart products that you should buy.

I bought my copy in the store Gearbest for 17,99 $


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