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Opinion: iPhone 11 and 11 Pro - is it worth it?

A week ago, Apple presented us with new smartphones - iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The last two differ only in the size of the display and battery, the first is a bit stripped of the novelty. Is it worth bothering with them? Yes.

I apologize in advance to loyal readers that there was no coverage of the Apple event. This is partly due to a lack of time, but partly the majority of information has been known for a long time. In my opinion there was no big surprise.

So what did we receive? iPhone 11which is an extension of the XR model. We still have the Liquid Retina 6,1 ekran LCD screen and the same body of the device. The changes are visible only at the back, where we have a square bulge of camera modules. From now on there are two sensors, wide-angle and ultra-wide. Photos look really good, and I refer interested parties to the site Applewhere you can learn and see more. We have known for a long time about the use of two modules, so there was no surprise. About the arrangement within the square also. So nothing new.

Of course there is a new A13 Bionic processor, 12Mpx selfie camera that can record 4K in 60kl./s. and Slofies - slow-motion video selfie. So now all cameras in the iPhone have 12Mpx. And that's good, I like this procedure. I know that Apple's 12Mpx will be better than most Asian brands that actually outperform megapixels. Development is good, but it must go hand in hand with quality. I think Apple will increase the megapixels on next year's phones to increase sales. But I would not expect 48Mpx.

We finally got a night mode for photos, which is great. Androids have had this for a long time, but I'm glad that I can finally have an iOS phone that will take a good picture also at night. And this is a very useful feature. Until now, I have used the NeuralCam application, which I value very much.

There are also two new colors - purple and green, which replaced blue and orange. We've heard about it for a long time. The Apple logo has traveled lower and is now centered - these are last minute rumors before the conference.

iPhone 11 Pro is the successor of the XS model and has a similar screen as its predecessor, 5,8 ″ or 6,5 ″ in the Max version, of course it is OLED. Apple ensures that the screen is brighter and more pro, so it is now called Super Retina XDR. In addition, the phone has a telephoto lens, which allows you to create images with twice the zoom. There are also larger batteries. The finish on the back of the phone is now matte, the iPhone 11 only has a matte finish of the "square" cameras, here it is the other way round. 3D Touch disappeared and Haptic Touch, already known from the XR model, appeared. This change makes me a bit sad because I loved 3D Touch, but judging by iOS 13, Haptic Touch can also be an interesting solution. Certainly not so natural, but it may work.

The new trio has improved water resistance, Wi-Fi 6 or surround sound. There are also some other interesting features, and the most interesting of course will come out in tests. And of course when updating iOS 13, and the most interesting is probably Deep Fusion, which significantly improves the quality of photos.

Do I recommend new Apple smartphones? Yes, if you have an iPhone 8 or an older model. Although 8 is quite successful, it is slightly weaker than this year's models. For a dozen or so up, I wouldn't even look at changes because they are not worth the money. It is better to wait a year and buy a model with an 5G modem, because this is also the new iPhone. I own the iPhone SE and I value its compactness, I wait for Apple to meet users' requests and offer something that can be operated with one hand, but will also be fully equipped. Just let them start to create phones that are technologically identical with different screen sizes, and thus, batteries. Rumors show that next year Apple will change the size of all devices - we'll live, see.

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