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Gearbest - simple ways to save money

Gearbest is my favorite Chinese store. Sometimes it happens that I buy in another but sporadically. It all depends on the price and shipping method. Black shipping has been a bit scandalous since Black Friday, but now everything is back to normal. On New Year's Eve I ordered toys, just in Gearbest shop and after a week they were at my place. It's a good idea to check a few things before ordering

Discount coupons and promotions

The first and most important thing is to check if there is a discount on the product. On page, the latest promotions are published on an ongoing basis. If the discount coupon is not displayed under "Buy it now", it means that the discount is of the Flash or E-mail Price type, we can additionally lower the amount with Gearbest points, in the case of coupon promotions points can not be used.

Showing promotions on

This is how the E-mail or Flash Sale promotions look like on Gearbest

Points on the Gearbest account

When we log in to the Gearbest account, at the top we will see how many points we have. We acquire it through shopping, writing reviews, as a fulfillment made by the store's support.

50 points = $ 1 discounts, maximum you can lower the price by 30%.

Which shipping method is best?

gearbest shipping

Currently, the store has four ways of shipping. I choose the first method, unregistered shipment, when I do not care about the time when the product is cheap. Sometimes the shipment arrives even faster than registered, depends on luck. If the product costs about $ 10, I prefer to choose unregistered shipment than to pay extra to the registered one, which is often payable a few dollars.

When I decide to register I choose Dutch mail, unless it is much more expensive than others. Experience from Netherlands Registered is the fastest. I do not recommend railways to anyone, unless there is unfortunately no other one, you have to wait.

Unregistered and registered shipments may be detained by the customs office, but for months there are, fortunately, all my omissions. 🙂 However, there are simple tricks to avoid by choosing Priority Line or ordering from a warehouse in Europe.

The best option when it is free or ordering a expensive product is selecting Priority Line.

The parcels are sent to the UK, then repackaged and sent further inside the European Union, which avoids VAT. I've already ordered a lot of phones, drones, lamps, vacuum cleaners and I have not even hit a VAT / customs fee when I chose Priority Line. The 100% warranty does not exist, however today it works perfectly. However, there is one minus, the shipping time. Unfortunately, this is different. For example, I ordered a guitar at the beginning of December, and I received it only in the last week of January. Almost two months, long. However, using the same method, Priority Line, I ordered toys for New Year's Eve, after a week I received a package from the DPD courier. I do not know what it depends on.

I recommend the Priority Line for all orders when the price exceeds $ 50.

The fastest shipping is DHL courier

The last, fastest and often the most expensive method is Expedited Shipping, parcels are sent by courier company DHL and after a few days the courier is already knocking on the door. The downside is that shipments are always checked by the customs office inside DHL. For people from Wielkopolska, I have good news, DHL Poznan calculates customs duties from the invoice attached to the package, and Gearbest often understands the value. For example, if we order a laptop for 4 thousands of gold, Gearbest says that it cost 400 PLN and we pay 60-100 PLN. People who are served by DHL Warsaw are, however, asked for proof of purchase and payment, on this basis customs duties for them are calculated.

Gearbest magazines in Europe and even Poland!

Gearbest has been dynamically developing its infrastructure in Europe for several months. The biggest advantage is the fact that packages from European magazines are not controlled by customs offices, packages inside the European Union are not subject to control. The shipping time is also much shorter. I ordered a camera with a recorder on a Friday, from a warehouse in the UK on Monday a DHL courier arrived with a package. Recently, I also ordered a sports camera Mijia 4K from a warehouse in Poland. It is located exactly in Słubice. The camera was sent by ordinary registered mail and the mailman brought it after two days.

Available warehouses are presented above the price of the product

China - it is known
HK - it's Hong Kong
GW-3 it's UK
GW-4 it's Poland
GW-5 it's the Czech Republic
GW-6 it's France
GW-16 it's Spain

I have subscribed each of the magazines, you can see what is currently in your country. If the price from the European magazines is not much higher than the Chinese magazine, this is definitely the best choice. We must decide for ourselves whether we prefer to wait longer, or pay more and have an order in a maximum of one week.

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