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ZMI Power Bank - I've been waiting for him for a long time

ZMI Power Bank

I already have two "power banks" from Xiaomi, one with 5000mAh capacity and the other 20 000mAh, however, I could not wait for the next power bank to arrive from Xiaomi. My new purchase has one big plus from its predecessors, the output voltage is from 5-20V so I can powerbank to charge my smartphone, as well as a laptop. The old ones could only charge phones.

ZMI Power Bank is packed in a classic, Xiaomik white box. Product picture at the front, short description at the back, standard. Very good, minimalistic standard. I would like more such products.

After opening the box we see powerbank, wires and the Chinese manual are hidden in the left side. The top, inside the box has been padded with a delicate foam, small details and enjoy. You can see that once again the manufacturer has applied to the issue of the first contact of the buyer with the new product.

The set includes a USB-C-> USB-C cable and a second 2w1 with a USB-A plug, but with two micro-USB terminals with a possible USB-C adapter. Very good solution because many devices have an old micro-USB connector.

ZMI Power Bank

Metal housing - minus for me

ZMI Power Bank has a metal casing, it is a mobile strikte device, which is why weight plays a crucial role. ZMI weighs 400g, the plastic powerbank also with 20 000mAh capacity from Xiaomi weighs about 100g less. Like a trifle, but I would rather like it was made of plastic to reduce weight.

The most important thing is 5-20V

I use a lot of power from banks, often travels by train, new 230V sockets have new ones, but they do not always work. Fortunately, now I will be able to use additional power from the backpack. 20 000mAh capacity offered by ZMI is enough.

The device can be used to charge the charger from the laptop. The input power is 45W at the voltage from 5-20V, you can also charge the charger from the phone, but it will take longer. The time needed to fully charge ZMI PowerBank is less than 4 hours. The output power, i.e. the one we supply to the discharged device depends on the port to which we connect. ZMI Power Bank has three, one USB-C and two USB-A.

The USB-C port has output power to 40W at 5-20V.
The USB-A port has a maximum power of 18W:

  • 2x5V = 2.4A
  • 9V = 2A
  • 12V = 1,5A

Also works with Quick Charge 3.0

In short, we connect the smartphone and the powerbank will adapt itself and will charge with the maximum current, depending on our phone. My Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is equipped with a processor with QC 3.0 techonology and charging from 0 to 100% takes less than 90 minutes.

ZMI Power Bank has a button to wake up four diodes that inform about the state of charge. As you can see in the picture, my power bank is currently half-charged, two LEDs are lit in the lower right corner.

ZMI Power Bank

The box is great, that's why my first feelings related to the new power bank, but this is a big block! But then I put it on the old Xiaomi and it's not that bad. Will survive this difference, 100g the difference too.

ZMI Power Bank

Is it worth buying a ZMI Power Bank?

For me, ZMI works perfectly, it fits perfectly with the surprises that Polish PKP funds, you never know the day or hour what will happen. ZMI Power Bank it costs about $ 55, if someone does not need to load a laptop, I recommend buying it plastic white Xiaomi 20 000mAh, it also works very well, and is more than half cheaper. If someone is looking for a power bank "to the jacket" then the best choice will be about 5000mAh capacity due to the weight and size.

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