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The CleanFly handheld vacuum cleaner is the perfect helper for home and car

My first impressions with the CleanFly vacuum cleaner were very positive, I was even surprised by the high quality of the materials from which it was made. The exact photos of the product and everything in the box I described in this post.

The compact Cleanfly handheld vacuum cleaner goes on sale

It's been a month since CleanFly has been with me and is still maintaining a very good opinion about this product. It works not only in the car but also at home. Crumb chips on the couch? Children scattered petals? Dust gathered on the panels in the corner of the room? Just take the vacuum cleaner in your hand, take off the dome on which it stands and turn it on. The compact vacuum cleaner will clean it once without the need to pull "heavy equipment" out of the cabinet and unroll it.

CleanFly cleaner and car floor mats

With spilled crumbs and all kinds of "garbage" that can be found on the seats in the car, the vacuum cleaner does very well. A serious and probably the most difficult test are rugs in the car. Sand, grass, pebbles, we bring it all and "push" into velor rugs. How did CleanFly handle such dirt? I honestly say that I did not count on much ...

It took me a minute to clean up the driver's seat and I will not write that he has dragged everything in, because of course it would be a lie, but in my opinion he did very well. All "bigger, more visible" dirt has been drawn. After zooming in you can see particles of sand, but remember that it is a small, portable device and not a large industrial vacuum cleaner.

The CleanFly car floor mat test passed positively, but I noticed one small minus regarding the retractable tip. During cleaning the rugs I pressed harder to shake (?) Dirt and the tip with the bristles was hidden. The position locking latch does not withstand too much pressure. This is the only minus I found in CleanFly.

cleanfly xiaomi

The two most important parameters in wireless vacuum cleaners are the suction power and battery life. CleanFly has 5000 Pa, big power for such small equipment. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in a single charge, CleanFly is able to work for 13 minutes. At the beginning, it seemed terribly small, but in practice, I usually use only a few seconds and at the same time I am doing my job.


In the set with the vacuum cleaner I received only the charger for the 12V socket from the lighter in the car. I rarely go on longer routes, so I found a way for others. I am using an ordinary power supply for the 12V / 2A socket, eg from cameras and charging CleanFly at home. The power supply can be purchased for a few zlotys on Allegro.

As I mentioned in the title, if you are looking for a small helper at home or a car, and you do not want to spend a larger sum, eg on Roidmi F8, CleanFly will be a good alternative. I must admit that I use it more often than Roidmi F8 because I always have it at hand.

I received the test equipment from the store GearVita.

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