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Check how MiMoji works on your Xiaomi smartphone, you do not need to have Mi 8 EE

31 May Xiaomi presented its latest flagship Mi 8. It was shown in three variants: Mi 8, Mi 8 SE and Mi 8 Explorer Edition. The latest version is the most advanced model. It distinguishes itself from its predecessors with its transparent back, which, however, has not proved so perfect, you can read more here. The second function that has been implemented only in the most expensive model is the fingerprint reader in the display, not like the cheaper brothers in the back.

The last advantage of Mi 8 EE compared to other models is the advanced front selfie camera with the 3D scanner. Xiaomi created a front lens similar to that used by Apple on the iPhone X. The Cupertino company has added to the iPhone animated emoticons that react to facial expressions and it was also copied by Xiaomi and bears the name MiMoji.

Check how MiMoji works on your Xiaomi smartphone, you do not need to have Mi 8 EE

Until now only Mi 8 Explorer Edition owners could enjoy this functionality. However, the Russians have created an application that allows you to run MiMoji on any smartphone, not just Mi 8 Explorer Edition. The downside is that a normal selfie camera will not reproduce facial expressions that Mi 8 EE can do, but if you're curious how it works, you can finally see.

Check how MiMoji works

With the application you can choose from 12 characters and record videos up to 5 seconds long. The selected character will follow your movements, be able to turn your head, close your eyes, move your mouth. The created recordings can be saved and shared on social networks.

You can download the .apk file from MiMoija below.

[su_button url = "" target = "blank" style = "flat" background = "X FUMX "Yes" center = "yes" icon = "icon: hand-o-right"] MiMoji.apk [/ su_button]

Minus? The application is in Russian, but it is so simple and intuitive that there are no problems with the service. Have fun! ?

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