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The Baseus case lets you charge Apple AirPods first generation headphones wirelessly
AirPods Baseus

Did you, like me, stop refreshing your Apple products on iPhone X and first-generation AirPods? For me, the two generations of iPhone that have been presented do not add much, so I decided to stay with ix. It is the same with AirPods headphones, the fact is a brilliant product, but my ones still work very well. With the replacement for a newer model, I will hold off until they receive the noise reduction function. The new case with wireless charging is practical, but not worth the price when you have an older model. I found another, much cheaper way to charge AirPods first generation wirelessly, just Baseus Wireless Charger for AirPods. Expense? + - PLN 50!

The Baseus product is a silicone case containing a wireless charging panel on the back with a Lightning plug connected to it. We put AirPods headphones in the Baseus case and push the plug, just like we would like to charge the headphones. Now just put the Baseus product on the induction charger and ready, original AirPods headphone case without wireless charging support, they charge wirelessly. There is no need to buy a wireless case for which Apple wants PLN 389!

Baseus Airpods

The Baseus case not only charges the old AirPods wireless, but also provides protection against damage or scratches of the original case. However, I must mention the disadvantages, it is not a perfect product. The first is the thickness, if you wear headphones in pants, you can feel discomfort after inserting in the Baseus case. For people who wear headphones in a backpack, the silicone case will provide additional protection.

There is one more minus. When I pulled the AirPods headphones out of the factory case, after gently lifting the flip, it automatically opened to the end. After putting on the Baseus case, when you try to open the flip will remain in the position as in the photo below. To fully open and pull the headphones out, press the door with your finger.

Baseus Airpods case -9

If you want to charge AirPodsy wirelessly, and you do not intend to spend almost PLN 400, then the Baseus case will be a good and much cheaper alternative. I bought the case in the official store on the site AliExpress... and it turned out that I overpaid because of Allegro 10 PLN is cheaper and the parcel will arrive much faster.

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