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Apple provides iOS 13.2.2

Apple provides iOS 13.2.2

Apple today released an update to iOS 13, specifically to the 13.2.2 version. Update will fix, among others Errors that caused frustrating background loading.

List of changes in iOS 13.2.2:

  • fixes an error that could cause the background applications to close unexpectedly;
  • solves the problem that could cause the iPhone to lose connection to the mobile network for a while after the phone call ends;
  • removes the problem that could cause an occasional lack of access to the cellular data network;
  • fixes an issue where replies to email messages sent between Exchange accounts using the S / MIME method may not be readable;
  • Resolves an issue where Kerberos Single Sign-On service in Safari could display an authentication request.
  • fixes an issue that could stop loading accessories using the YubiKey key on the Lightning port.

Apple also released the iOS 13.3 developer and public beta version this week. I must admit that the pace of this year's release of the mobile system from Apple is impressive. I wonder where the fast pace of changes comes from, but we hear about new bugs in iOS 13 every now and then.

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