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Amazfit Verge Lite unpacking

Amazfit Verge Lite unpacking

AMazfit Verge Lite

I've tested a beautiful watch Amazfit Stratos 2S, equipped with a sapphire glass and leather strap. The watch can record different types of physical activity, from running to cycling, to strength exercises. Amazfit 2S looks good, on the hand in both sportswear and casual wear.

Now I have received Amazfit Verge Lite for testing, this is the budget edition of the Amazfit Verge watch. My first impressions? A little plastic .. the Amazfit Verge Lite housing is made of plastic and the strap is made of silicone. I am a fan of universal watches that are suitable not only for the gym but also for an evening out. The Verge Lite envelope is 43 mm and the strap is made of silicone and polycarbonate.

When I pulled the watch out of the box, I was skeptical, but when I turned on the Verge Lite I was very positively surprised. The AMOLED color display with a diagonal 1,3 inch is very clear and sharp, there is no "pixel font". The casing made of plastic stopped disturbing me, I focused my eyes on the content.

Amazfit Verge Lite

The first message I saw was the need to pair with the Mi Fit app, another big plus in favor of Amazfit Verge Lite. I prefer the Mi Fit app rather than Amazfit. I prefer to have everything in one place, and with Mi Fit I still have smart weight and smart running shoes. Amazfit Verge Lite, as well as Mi Band, also monitors sleep and is another option that I find in Mi Fit!

Smartwatch enables counting steps, distance traveled, calories burned and registering various types of workouts. On the display you can check the weather forecast for the next days, set the timer and control the multimedia.

Amazfit Verge Lite

Amazfit Verge Lite according to the manufacturer can withstand 20 days on a single charge and looking at battery drainage in the first days, will achieve such a result. Another big plus for the budget Amazpot. In my opinion, Amazfit Verge Lite is good equipment for people who like sport, I especially like graphs of heart rate during the run and a summary of training.

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Today I was running with #Amazfit Verge Lite. Average tempo 6'1 "on the 3.22km distance. Heartbeat too high, and if I ran ...

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In my opinion, the Amazfit watch is a very good companion when running, it allows you to set the alarm when the heart rate is too high, during my above-mentioned course I vibrate very often to slow down ...

Watch for the test I received from Aliexpress and is available pod tym linkiem. On the site you can download a coupon that will lower the price by $ 5, and NOTE, the watch is available from the warehouse in Spain. The shipment will arrive within a few days, you will not have to wait weeks and there is no risk of vatu.

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