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Amazfit GTR 47 mm unpacking

So far, the most beautiful Amazfit watch I had the opportunity to test was Amazfit 2S. It was the first Amazfit watch with a leather strap and sapphire glass. It looked beautiful and it was equally beautifully packaged, in the style of a traditional watch. When it comes to design, I like leather straps in watches, I prefer a more elegant watch than a strictly sports watch, and such a product is Amazfit Verge Lite. The watch has some advantages, and one of them is 20 day work time on one charge.

Until now, the Amazfit offer lacked a watch with an elegant design that can work for almost a month on one charge. Therefore, to fill this gap, Amazfit GTR 47 mm was created, officially presented in July this year.

As soon as I saw the advertising graphics, I immediately stated that I was ordering! When ordering I had one dilemma which color to choose: Aluminum Alloy Case or Stainless Steel Case? On Twitter I published the entry so that you help me in choosing and finally fell on the Stainles Steel version, now I can write that I could order a black model ... I will explain why.

However, I will start with product photos. Amazfit GTR 47mm is not as "majestic" packed as Amazfit 2S. It's packed like a gadget, not like a Swiss watch, and that's what captivated me at 2S. Do not get me wrong, it is not packaged wrong, but it does not have the WOW effect as when I unpacked the above model. In the box, apart from the watch, we also receive a user manual and a charging cable.

I will come back to why I regret that I ordered a silver model. This is clearly seen in the fifth photo above. In my opinion, the gray frame around the display bites with the high-gloss envelope. A dark version would be better because the whole envelope would be more consistent.

The strap from the visible side is made of leather, and from below with silicone. I used it for almost a month during hot weather in Poland and despite the plastic material on the inside, it does not cause excessive sweating of the skin.

Amazfit GTR has two physical buttons on the right. The upper one is used to wake / sleep the watch and go to the home screen, and the lower one is personalized and we can set any shortcut. I set the choice of physical activity to monitor because I have a bug in the software. Instead of training, I have "Status" twice in the menu. I talked to other GTR owners and they are fine, only I have such a mistake. I tried to reset but it doesn't help. Setting the button solved the problem.

For its price, + - $ 140 dollars, the watch looks very good. Apart from the "two-color envelope" I mentioned above, I have no objections to the quality of workmanship. It is true that the watch has a plastic finish on the inside, but at this price it is difficult to expect that everything will be from the top shelf. Where SOMSIAD sees, there is the top sort. 🙂

The AMOLED display looks just as good as in Amazfit Verge Lite. It is expressive and ... even larger, so it will be easier for people with poor eyesight to read the content of SMS and messages from other messengers or check the weather for the next few days.

I like it more and more. Elegant watch with sport functions. #AmazfitGTR

Opublikowany przez Wednesday, 21 August 2019
In the above post on Facebook, comments with photos from other GTR holders have been published.

I ordered my copy of Amazfit GTR 47 mm in the Gearbest store. When you add a product to the cart, the price will drop by $ 10. The watch has English language and at the moment there is no Polish interface / characters. There is also no information whether it will be added in a future software update.

I leave the link here affiliacyjny to the page where you can buy a watch, when you order I will get a percentage. AND here you have no affiliate link, if you do not want me to have too much 🙂 I recommend the watch to people looking for an elegant 20 smartwatch with one day charging on one charge.

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