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Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner and Roborock can speak Polish!

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner and Roborock can speak Polish!

After a few months, my vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock mastered Polish! It is a pity that I do not go well with Chinese, I can not do anything. The Polish language works on both the first and second generation of the Xiaomi autonomous vacuum cleaner.

You must download the crack yourself, but it is very easy and it takes up to 10 minutes, you will need a phone with the Android operating system and a computer with Windows. I did not have any problems with changing the language, I did not hear anyone die a vacuum cleaner when modifying files, but you do everything at your own risk.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner and Roborock are able to speak Polish, we start.

We download .zip with necessary files. First, we need to check what IP is assigned to the vacuum cleaner in our network and to extract a special token. The easiest way to do this is to use the Mi Home application edited by Russian companions, we install the Mi Home application on the phone from the .apk file which is in the zip package. I created my second profi on my Xiaomi Mi 6 not to remove the official Mi Home.

We run the newly installed version of Mi Home, we choose the Mainland China region, click the vacuum cleaner, then the three dots in the upper right corner. We choose Settings -> General Settings -> Network info, so we have to save two things:

  • IP address of the vacuum cleaner
  • token (last field, numbers I covered with my black line - that's what we need)
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That's all we need from the MiHome application.

We're going to Windows. We unpack and The unpacked folders from are put in a folder with the same name as voicepacks which is in unpacked I suggest you listen to all five available voices and choose the right one for you. More ambitious can even change files and add their own, I would like King Julian, if someone can put a vote, please! When we have copied voicepacks, we need to edit the win-mirobo.ini file

In the ip field, enter the previously saved ip vacuum cleaner, and in the token field, token - simple. We save the file.Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner and Roborock can speak Polish!

We check if we have the USB debugging option enabled in the phone, if not we turn it on and connect the phone to the computer. We wait a while until the phone is detected by the Windows system. We run the win-mirobo.bat file as an administrator by right-clicking on it.roborock in polish

In the newly opened window, we choose that we want to change the voice of the vacuum cleaner, click on the 2 keyboard and enter.xiaomi vacuum cleaner in polish

We choose which voice we want, I took pl2-why, again 2 and enter.xiaomi vacuum cleaner in polish

We wait a few seconds until the installation is over and that's all, the vacuum cleaner will speak Polish!

The creators of the Polish language are users of the miuipolska forum, they should be honored and praise or even beer.

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