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Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 - Xiaomi Air Purifier will help fight smog.

xiaomi air purifier

Do you think that air pollution is a problem mainly in China? Last Sunday, 8 January 2017, Warsaw was the most polluted city in the world. Being ahead of Shanghai, Beijing and other cities where people wear masks. Check how the air in your area looks like with the application, the person using the iOS system proposes Air quality in Poland. The situation in my area looks very bad. The air outside does not improve, but the air in your apartment is like that. I decided to invest in my health and my loved ones, I bought an air purifier from Xiaomi.

xiaomi air purifier

xiaomi air purifier

It is clear that the dust is the highest in the evening when people heat their homes. The PM 2,5 standard is 25, the sensor indicates over 110. Ventilation of houses before sleeping and evening walks to health, have little to do with health.

I stated that there is no reason to expect that the Polish Minister would notice the problem and start working on my own. I decided to buy Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 air purifier. This is the second generation of the Chinese manufacturer's device. In the second version, the purifier has been redesigned. Thanks to this, it has become smaller by 20cm and more efficient, despite the removal of one fan.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 has been well protected with Styrofoam for transport. In the set we get:

  • Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 air purifier
  • Filter
  • Power cable with a Chinese plug
  • User manual in Chinese


This is by far the most beautiful air purifier I have ever seen. The housing is made entirely of plastic. All elements are well folded, nothing creaks. In addition to the gray top of the device, it is white. The holes on all four sides of the device are used to draw air. It is equipped with only two buttons and two LEDs. The bottom diode indicates current air pollution. Green -> orange -> red. The top LED indicates which program is currently selected, automatic, night or favorite. In addition to the button to change the program, the other side of the housing is the second. It is used to set the diode power. Strong light, weak or completely extinguished. If you keep the button pressed longer, the filter time is reset to zero.

There is a dust sensor under the button, the manufacturer recommends cleaning with a cotton swab once every six months. Below is the filter. The exchange takes 10 seconds, just pull to yourself for a special string and put in the same place a new one. The power cable is unfortunately with a Chinese plug, I recommend using it adapters with earthing or a more drastic method, if you bought a freshener directly in China, then I suggest cutting the plug and setting up a European one. Rather no one, due to the size, will send back the device for guarantees to the Middle Kingdom.


To use with Xiaomi Air Purifier 2, an application from Xiaomi - Mi Home is needed. Occurs both in the App Store and Google Play, in both cases has exactly the same functionality.

Air purifier 2 application

After starting the application, our eyes show the air quality in the room, expressed in PM2,5 and the filter consumption expressed in percent.

PM2,5 - atmospheric aerosols (suspended dust) with a diameter not greater than 2,5 μm, which according to the World Health Organization is the most harmful to human health from other atmospheric pollutants.

There are four buttons at the bottom:

Power - switching the purifier on / off.

Auto - the device works in automatic mode, it adjusts to the air quality on an ongoing basis, when it exceeds 100 the orange LED on the device lights up.

Night - reduces the speed so as not to disturb your sleep. I hear more of the "ticking" clock in the next room than the purifier. mi home app settings

The last mode is Manual. When you press and hold the button for a second, the slider will pop up. We can set it in any position, appropriate to the size of our room. After confirming the selection, each pressing the Manual button or selecting the button on the housing will activate the defined program.

I have the air purifier set during the day in Auto mode, I usually have at home + - 25 PM2,5. I carried out the test, the device is in my bedroom, I closed the door before sleeping and switched to Sleep mode. When I woke up, I looked at the phone and saw only 8 PM2,5! I opened the door, went to the kitchen, ate breakfast and checked again and it was 30 PM2,5. Since then, we always close the door while sleeping.

air xiaomi

When you move your finger upward we will get additional information about the temperature in our room, the level of air humidity and air condition, the general air quality and the number of days to replace the filter with a new one. Xiaomi recommends replacing the filter every 145 days.

The filter can be purchased in two versions:

Blue version EPA filter (economical) - 36 $

Green HEPA filter version (improved) - 52 $

I have given prices from Chinese stores, I recommend using them when buying CashBack.

The device of course, we can link with other things from Xiaomi in the MiHome application. A window sensor to turn off when the window is opened. Send a notification to the phone when we reach a high level of pollution. Air Purifier 2 operates in the Wi-Fi standard so that we can control it from anywhere on earth, if only we have access to the Internet.

Xiaomi air purifier

Xiaomi air purifier

Xiaomi air purifier

Translation when creating scenes through Mi home applications. In the first (Conditions) set what condition is to be met to perform the action set in the second option (Run scene). If you want to pair with other devices, check the reviews of other devices.


As an allergy I strongly recommend Xiaomi air purifier 2, thanks to the use of the HEPA filter feels better. The device is very efficient, it can clean over 300m3 / h. The cost of the device from other manufacturers with similar performance is over 2 thousand, with design definitely worse. The lack of Wi-Fi communication not to mention sometimes also have Bluetooth with short range. It is a huge benefit for me that the problem with cigarette smoke has disappeared. People stop smoking with me after noticing air quality after their "pipe", maybe thanks to me and Xiaomi though one person will quit addiction .. 😉 If you are not the best cook, it also works very well when you burn something, it eliminates very much fast odor. However, it should be remembered that it is not a refresher or humidifier. It does not spread a nice smell, I only work constantly for health. I definitely recommend, for now, the Xiaomi air purifier is my favorite equipment from a Chinese manufacturer. I plan to buy one more to another part of the apartment.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 I bought in the store, cost 147,99 USD + shipping by courier and VAT insurance 56.71USD. In addition, I took advantage of cashNacka 10% at The total cost of the 204,7USD-10 air purifier% cashback = 184,23 USD. In Poland, the parcel arrived on customs, to be paid by the 315 PLN courier. I applied to the store, during 3 days I received a refund of additional costs to my account.

update 8.03.2017

On the website, the price has gone up sharply, which is why it adds an alternative store purchase link Gearbest.comI suggest you choose Priority Line shipping, the equipment is first sent to France, where it is sent to us. I get a DPD courier, I ordered Priority Line a few times and I managed to avoid paying VAT each time.

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