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Polish radio stations in Xiaomi Mi Radio / Xiaomi Gateway.

xiaomi mi radio

Andr68rus he came up with a way to add his own station to the Xiaomi radio. At the moment, he works with Xiaomi Mi Radio and Xiaomi Gateway. The Xiaomi Smart Network speaker is not supported yet.

Available Polish stations:

  • Eska radio
  • RMF Maxxx
  • Radio Zlote Przeboje
  • Radio Zet
  • Rmf fm

There are two ways to configure Polish stations:

Polish radio station xiaomiThe 1 Android way: (Needed ROOT) Install the application Hosts Editor App and add a new record

IP Address:

You can also do it manually by editing the file / System / etc / hosts in your phone by adding a line at the end of the file

The 2 Android / iOS way:
Change the DNS settings in your router to


From that moment, new stations will appear in the Mi Home application. I encourage to support creators to continue the project.

After adding the station, you can change the DNS again to the earlier, newly added radio stations will be stored in Xiaomi Mi Radio / Xiaomi Gateway.

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