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Installing Windows 10 in Polish on Xiaomi Notebook Air / Pro + drivers.

Windows in Polish on xiaomi laptops

Xiaomi laptops are a good alternative to various "plastic" Acer, Lenovo and others. The disadvantage of the laptops with the Mi logo is the Chinese operating system, but you can easily install the "usable" version, in other words, in Polish.

What do you need?

  • Pendrive at least 8GB

The whole myk is that you need to create a booted pendrive.

Theoretically, the whole thing should be able to do it through a special Windows application to create a pendrive boot, but in the case of Microsoft it would be too easy. I tried to do this 10x, each time I received an error, so first you need to configure the pendrive in the terminal as bootable.

Place the pendrive in the USB port of the laptop and click the Windows key on the keyboard, then type: cmd

xiaomi laptop windows in english

In the newly opened window, enter: diskpart

xiaomi laptop windows in english

The next window will open. In which we enter: list disk

xiaomi laptop windows in english

The terminal will display a list of data carriers connected to the computer. After the amount of memory, you can see which memory stick from the times. In my case it is a disk with the 1 number, in order to select this drive, enter the command: select disk 1

xiaomi laptop windows in english

xiaomi laptop windows in english

Disk number one has been selected. Now we have to enter the following commands and confirm each time with the server:

create partition primary
format fs = fat32 quick

Installing Windows 10 in Polish on Xiaomi Notebook

Installing Windows 10 in Polish on Xiaomi Notebook

Installing Windows 10 in Polish on Xiaomi Notebook

Installing Windows 10 in Polish on Xiaomi Notebook

XIAOMI air in Polish

XIAOMI air in Polish

xiaomi pro in polish

A ready, bootable pendrive has been created.

Teaz can go to the step from which theoretically we could start, but Microsoft's mistakes about which I wrote at the beginning of the entry meant that my attempts always ended in failure.

We download the Microsoft tool "Windows 10 USB tool" for this purpose go to the site Microsoft.

Then follow the arrows in the pictures below.

xiaomi pro in polish

xiaomi pro in polish

windows pl xiaomi

windows pl xiaomiwindows pl xiaomiwindows pl xiaomi

The application will download Windows 10 and copy it on a pendrive, it will take about 10 minutes.

And it's on! We already have a system on a pendrive, you can install. Restart the computer and press the F2 on the keyboard several times to start the BIOS.

xiaomi bios

On the left side, go to the Boot tab, check if the USB Boot option is enabled, if not, switch to the Enabled mode. Then click on the Boot Devices Order.

xiaomi bios

Click on the pendrive on the right side and drag to be above the disk, we approve "yes".

xiaomi biosxiaomi bios

The last step is to press "Save and Exite" in the lower right corner or press F10. We confirm the changes and the computer will restart.

xiaomi biosxiaomi PolandWindows installer will start, in which everything will be in the language in which we chose when creating a bootable pendrive. In my opinion, with the rest of it, everyone will manage it.

After correct installation of the system, some drivers will be missing.


If you encounter any problems, write to me through Twitter or Facebook, I'll write back soon.

  • How is the experience of using compared to a MacBook? Will you change or come back? I was very hot on this model, and on black friday you could get it below 3. In addition, he congratulates the site. For me how he found. I'm also a fan of: D

    • Recently, I have been working at home all the time, I prefer using xiaomi 15. However, to take somewhere with me, it's a bit heavy block 😀 I'm more satisfied than with xiaomi air 13.

  • Is this window changing from CH to PL?
    And what about the drivers, you have to separate them separately to win10. I do not think you need a Chinese one?

  • And what is the matter of legalizing this version of Language? After all, the key is only for the Chinese version, and every other language has a separate key.

  • Hey,
    Do you have an idea if there is any chance to recover the Office key? The point is that after receiving the laptop I made a format and installed the Polish 10 windows. The system is active so everything is great but I forgot about the death of Officie 2016. maybe I have not forgotten but I thought that it will activate itself like windows. Somewhere I read that in the Chinese widowsie you had to run it and top the key because now it can be too late. I will just add that I did not format the recovery disk. I used different programs to find the key but only windows found.

  • There is no need to buy a new system, simply install the 10 windows Home versions and elegantly from the machine activation passes. As for Offica 2016, I made a mistake somewhere like the key I managed to get but apparently I omitted something somewhere because I did not add up to the account. I have a key but if I try to activate it, I think it's a key for another region and can not be activated.

  • So what is the truth? Need to buy a license for Windows Polish Home or not?
    After all, it does not cost 5 only for sure with 500.
    Two different people provide conflicting information

  • If you are installing a version other than Windows 10 Home then you have to buy a new key to the system, if you stay with the Home version there is no need. The key to the widget is after all assigned to the computer in a biosie or somewhere in the memory, so as such we have to the version.
    I installed 2 some months ago and it's been easy. I downloaded as in the 10 Home 64bit window description, I made a pendriva, etc., I did not provide any code at the installation, only after firing I gave activation in Polish and after a while it was activated without unnecessary combinations, left keys or programs. I downloaded the driver packages from the manufacturer's website provided by the colleague in the guide, I installed and that's it, it's nice.
    I do not know how to others but it works on the original key provided with a snap. By the way, very good equipment, everything is racing and I recommend it to xiaomi

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