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Xiaomi ROIDMI B1 - Xiaomi glasses for working on a laptop.

Xiaomi Roidmi Glasses B1

Unfortunately, smartphones that we love so much, whether it's Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung or others, all emit "blue light" harmful for our health. This applies to all devices with LCD screen and LED lighting. Therefore, if you work in front of a computer or watch TV, Xiaomi has created a product for you.

The blue light is part of the visible light and covers the range from 380 to 500 nm. It is referred to as High Energy Visible Light, abbreviated as HEV. For it carries with it the greatest energy in the range of visible light. This energy causes undesirable, degrading phenomena to occur inside the

The only way to protect against excess blue light is to use glasses that have lenses blocking harmful rays. If you already wear prescription glasses, you can add a coating that will block the blue rays.Xiaomi ROIDMI B1

For people who have a falcon sight, Xiaomi has introduced glasses to protect our eyesight. Xiaomi ROIDMI B1 have in the set two "media" large and small and two pairs of temples. Some are smooth - elegant, the second option is simple and has rough ends to prevent the glasses from slipping off the head. Useful if you run on the treadmill and watch TV. Installing the temples is child's play, just put in the hole on the front of the glasses and turn the 90 degrees. The glasses come in three colors. Black, blue and fiery (?) / Flaming (?) I do not know what color it is professionally 😉

Xiaomi ROIDMI B1

Xiaomi sunglasses

I never wore any glasses, I bought a few anti-dust pairs, but never once. I did not feel well in them, I had the impression that they did not suit me. I immediately liked Xiaomi sunglasses, I like to wear them. As soon as I use the computer for a longer time I reach for it immediately. After a week of use, I can safely say that my eyes are more rested and I fall asleep easier. I spend a lot of time at the computer before going to sleep. The problem of tired, red eyes has disappeared. I regret that earlier I did not reach for a similar product. Xiaomi fanfare was a plus for me

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Worth it?

Would I buy Xiaomi ROIDMI B1 again? Zdeycdowanie! If you spend a lot of time in front of a laptop / TV screen, it is definitely worth spending money to protect your eyesight. Xiaomi ROIDMI B1 I ordered in the store for less than 40 $, glasses are available in the Colormix option - the store sends a random color. There are three variants, I luckily got black.

A week ago I posted on Facebook photos showing how Xiaomi has packed glasses. I love products packed with such care!