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Xiaomi is preparing for the championship in Russia - Xiaomi Mijia Simi Soccer
Xiaomi Mijia Simi Soccer

Xiaomi Mijia Simi Soccer

A new day, a new brand in the Xiaomi ecosystem, a new product. The Xiaomi Championship in Russia is fast approaching, and my favorite manufacturer has prepared a small surprise for the upcoming event. The new brand is called Simi, and the product Xiaomi Mijia Simi Soccer is a remotely controlled football.

The set consists of two ball games. One in blue and the other in red, although in some pictures it falls into orange. Special stickers are added to the set to personalize robots under your favorite representations.

Xiaomi Mijia Simi Soccer

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They were made of durable ABS plastic. Table football is controlled by a special remote control, connected via Wi-Fi 2,4Ghz. There are 9 buttons available so you can easily control the robot, dribble and what is the most important to score goals. Pressing one button is enough to give a shot. The upper part is still, we control the "bottom" of the football, at the bottom there are hidden circles, thanks to which the gate. There is a battery on the back. Hooks on the sides are used to hold the ball. There are two sizes of 90mm for amateurs and a narrower 60mm grip for more experienced operators. I did not find any information about Cieszyn. The video shows that one game has hands raised up, I think that they were manually raised, as I wrote with the help of the remote control we can only control the bottom.

67 days left for the World Championships in Russia

Xiaomi Mijia Simi Soccer was valued at 199 yuan, or around $ 31, on the crown platform. I wonder when it will appear in the offer of Chinese online stores that offer shipping to Poland. The World Championship in Russia for about 2 months, shipping from China will last at least two weeks, so there is not much time. In my opinion, to make the fun sense, you have to order two sets to have four football games.