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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 - my first "frameless" [first impressions]
xiaomi me mix 2

xiaomi me mix 2

..and I am completely charmed by him. For the first time in a long time, the new smartphone has had a very positive impression on me. Long time no phone has raised so much positive emotion in me. I bought next generations of iPhones, currently I use 7 on a daily basis, I also bought the flagship of the Chinese giant Mi5, Mi6. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 finally showed me something new, something different that has not been rolled for several years. I have never seen any "frameless" live, for me it is definitely the future.

I only use a new Xiaomi baby for one day, but I want to share my first impressions. What are the advantages? Screen, screen and screen again. Thin frames around the screen do not interfere with use at all. I did not have enough time to press a part of the screen by the palm of my smartphone. Impressions of using such a large surface are much better than when you hold the Mi6 or iPhone 7. Also, as in any Xiaomi product from the premium series, the quality of the workmanship is brilliant, the design elements are folded, nothing creaks. This is, in my opinion, the most beautiful smartphone currently available on the market (I have not had any contact with Samsung S8 series). The processor has the same as Mi6, Snapdragon 835, which is infernally fast. In the set we get a charger with fast charging, as if some, however, have to pay dearly for it. If we buy an X-smartphone for 5 thousands of zlotys, in order to load it quickly we have to spend an additional 378 zlotys on a stronger charger! Total absurdity. From 10% to 100% - Mi Mix 2 has charged me in an hour. Xiaomi adds a "back" case to the box, but then the phone looks a little worse and I will carry it without a case, I wonder how soon it will regret this decision 🙂

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xiaomi mi mix 2 case
Disadvantages of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2? Certainly only one rear camera, I really liked the portraits made by Xiaomi Mi6. The second flaw is soft, the problem will disappear for + - a month when global rom for Mi Mix 2 comes out. Apple has accustomed us to the fact that if we pull something out of the box it is already fully usable. Unfortunately, in the case of Xiaomi phones that have just been sold and bought directly from China, it is often necessary to change the soft to "European". It is not difficult, but it takes a few days because of the current one I see Xiaomi. Mi Mix 2 which reached me did not even have a loaded Play store, I had to set up Google's service myself. To load the ROM as I want to have,, I need to unlock the bootloader, unfortunately it takes 3dni, you have to wait for Xiaomi to allow it to unlock. As I wrote above for + - a month when Global Rom will be available. Mi Mix 2 will be sent with global software and the problem will disappear.

Frameless smartphones are the future

xiaomi mi mix 2 vs mi 6
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 vs Mi6

I think that many people, Americans do not realize that they are "frameless". They use iPhones of similar size all the time and the new iPhone X will be an absolute revelation for them. Just like Mi Mix 2 for me. I'd like to buy a new iPhone myself to see if it's worth spending almost three times more money on an Apple product. This is the price difference between the Mi Mix 2 and the iPhone X. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 you can buy a thousand zlotys for 2, this is a sensational price for a "frameless". Is it worth adding 600 to Xiaomi Mi6? In my opinion, definitely yes! Mi Mix 2 is a breath of freshness in terms of design. My Mi6 is going away, we will see if after a few weeks of use I will still be so delighted with Mi Mix.