Xiaomi Induction Cooker [unpacking]

Xiaomi Induction Cooker

Time for a series of entries with kitchen equipment from Xiaomi, Xiaomi Induction Cooker goes to the first fire. It is nothing more than a one-burner induction hob. It has 100 cooking modes and the ability to set 99 power levels.

Xiaomi Induction Cooker

Time to unpack this miracle. Standard carton as a reserver, mop and many other products.

Xiaomi Induction Cooker

The whole is very well protected, there is no problem that damage during travel from Asia.

The carton contains only an information card in Chinese and the device itself, Xiaomi Induction Cooker finished with a Chinese flat plug.

induction hob xiaomi

Xiaomi induction hob has three buttons on the front and one knob. Two touch on the sides, one for setting the working time, the other for selecting the mode. The knob regulates the power, has 99 levels, and the maximum power is 2100W. When working at maximum load, Xiaomi Induction Cooker is quite loud. To turn the device on / off, press the dial, you can also use the telephone. Xiaomi induction connects to Mi Home via WiFi.

induction hob xiaomi

During the standby mode I heard a slight "grind", I could not find the right word. A sound like wires were loose, they had loose contacts. The sound came from the place where the power cord came. I decided to unscrew the device and check that the power cord is tight.

mihome xiaomi cookerThe cable is tightened as it should, so I have no idea where such sounds come from. By the way, I recommend screwdrivers Xiaomi Wiha, very good equipment, strong magnet, many tips to choose from. Solidly made.

Time for the saddest part of today's entry. The plugin in the Mi Home app for Xiaomi Induction Cooker has not yet been translated into English and is in a bushy language. There are several dozen recipes in the application. The ability to create scenes with other Smart Home devices from Xiaomi and create your own cooking modes.

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