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Xiaomi Drone 4K - the first flight and unexpected turn of the action.
Xiaomi drone 4k

Xiaomi drone 4k

The desire to have a drone has been circulating in my head for a long time. At the beginning I wanted to buy a DJI product, but it was a deterrent price, I did not go for small cheap "Chinese" drones. In the meantime, there were so many new Xiaomi products that the drones went to the background. However, this year DJI showed Spark, a revolution in drone in my opinion. Small compact, meeting Polish legal requirements to fly in built-up areas. Recently, a drone hit me unexpectedly Xiaomi Drone 4K (without the risk of VAT being charged).

I want to point out that this is my first drone I used to fly, the only thing I had contact with was a remote control car in my childhood. At the very beginning I had minor problems connecting to the Xiaomi Drone 4K, to choose the Wi-Fi or USB option. I tried to connect wirelessly, but to no avail. iPhone, Mi6, none of them managed, Wi-Fi did not appear - and here comes my zero experience in the matter of drones. To connect to wireless, in the case of Xiaomi need to buy Xiaomi WiFi Connector, after a few minutes of fighting with non-appearing Wi-Fi, I decided to use a cable. And here was another problem, in the set with the drone is a USB-microUSB cable and neither my iPhone 7 nor Mi6 has no microUSB input and I did not have any adapter at hand, to make matters worse, so start Xiaomi Drone 4K rocket moved by several dozen minutes 🙂 In the meantime, I could see the Redmi 3 PRO, as you can see the latest smartphones are not always a plus. Cable from one side, cable from another and Connection Successful! I was already hoping that I would be able to fly, and here I would have to wait, this time for updates. Were played three in a row, after 15 minutes finally came the desired start. The lever on the pad down and to itself and the propellers began to spin, terribly loud. Just like a lawn mower, it's flying in the sky.

First flight

I was flying very carefully, up - down, left - right. Controlling the drone is not so easy, you have to really be careful, and to operate it well with a camera is already at all, for now it's black magic for me. I wonder if I change my mind with time. 🙂 I was flying carefully, I was constantly watching to have a drone in sight. XNomXK Xiaomi Drone which reached me at the factory had 4 battery charge dots (maximum 3), after making the update were two, so my pristine flight did not last too long. At first, I thought about putting a video on my first flight on Youtube, but life quickly verified this idea. It started raining again, I went to the charging process and flew to the destination. When I was 4m over the ground something happened that I did not expect, gimbal with the camera detached from the drone and fell from the height 3m on the paving stones. The drone was still hanging in the air as if nothing had happened.

After the first inspection, part of Gimbal's housing broke, the movie was suddenly interrupted so it is impossible to recreate - the plan with Youtubem collapsed. I was expecting the worst, that my adventure with the drone Xiaomi was consuming some 7min and the end, fired. What's the point of flying without a webcam? But what is the droplet glue from? Gimbal and the camera hit the operating table.

Xiaomi drone 4k gimbal

In the picture you can not see everyone, but some screws could be unscrewed. On the next one you can see what has been damaged, the need was to crank up the whole gimbal so that it can be combined again, with each other.

Xiaomi drone 4k gimbal

On Youtube I saw that people already had similar problems, there are videos and bursting in the same place. However, I can not say in 100% whether it was my fault, wrong attachment of the gimbal with the camera or error in production. Placing the clamp band meant that if it detaches it will not at least hit the ground ...

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xiaomi drone 4k


After repair, Gimbal with the camera works as it should! Everything is fine, stabilization is, super quality is, ufff. I've been flying for almost an hour, I will not be uploading material yet, but during the flights, the camera keeps on. The clamp was not needed yet, but let it be for a great peace, maybe it was my oversight and I mounted the gimbal with the camera wrong, but why did it drop only at the end of the flight? I do not think I will know ...

Apart from this incident, the drone from Xiaomi is astonishing, stable, perfect for me the quality of 4K recordings. I hope that I will be able to use its potential, a full review soon. I hope that even without 30 inches even with centimeters ...

If someone wants "raw" recordings from the first flights, please write to I will not put in public because shame 🙂