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Xiaomi Air 13 - my chance for Windows.
xiaomi air 13

After many years of using the Mac, I decided to give Windows a chance. Of course, the choice had to go to the Xiaomi equipment. I opted for the most powerful (at that time) 13 inch model without a fingerprint reader. Is the equipment from the Chinese people able to replace my Macbook?

xiaomi air 13

The package comes to us very well secured, there is no fear that it will be damaged during transport. The carton is hard from solid cardboard, and the computer box is placed in a special grooved "foam" to prevent movement inside the box.

xiaomi air 13

Included with the laptop is a charger with the power of 65W, ended with a USB-C plug. Unfortunately, the charger is not adapted to Polish sockets and you must use the included adapter, with which there is a problem. The charger weighs, and the contacts in the adapter are not very strong, so the charger falls out of the socket because it detaches from the adapter.
Certainly the plus and the pimp for Apple is the fact that the laptop charger can also charge all new Android phones, because they also have a USB-C socket. The charger has a variable voltage and adapts depending on which device we connect, be it a laptop or a telephone.

Appearance and ports

The laptop is made very minimalist. There is no manufacturer's logo on the "flap" as is the case with the competition. We can only see the fact that we have a laptop when we open the flap or turn upside down, then we will see the Xiaomi logo. The whole is made of metal, that's why you feel solid workmanship, no cracking plastics. There is nothing to complain about. I personally, however, the solid seems a bit clumsy, square. In my opinion, the Macbooks Air look nicer. Many people will appreciate that the Xiaomi Air 13 has many different ports on the sides of the device, but in my opinion this has a negative effect on the laptop's appearance. We find two USB ports 3.0, HDMI port, headphone connector and USB-C port for charging. Personally, the only thing I connected is a USB receiver from a wireless mouse. The biggest thing that I miss apropo connectors is charging from any port on both sides of the laptop. This is how it now has a Macbook Pro and it is brilliant, like a trifle but in everyday use very helpful. The Xiaomi Air 13 has a battery charging status LED, this is a plus. However, if you had to choose between charging from any port and a diode, I definitely choose all ports.

After opening the laptop lid, we will see the MI manufacturer logo under the screen in the middle. The frames around the screen are much thinner than in the Macbook Air and it looks much better. 13,3 screen inch, in my opinion a very good compromise between mobility and the size of the computer. Xiaomi Pro 15 is, in my opinion, a large laptop to move around freely.

Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard is very good, it is written very comfortably on it. I do not see any difference to the Macbook Air. The only minus for the makowiec is the ctrl key on the windows and the corresponding command on the mac, every now and then I automatically pressed the wrong key. The keyboard is backlit in white, but it is only progressive. You can not regulate the power. If I do not have any problems with the keyboard, we do not understand the touchpad ... I do not give it to the same waves. I had many frustrating moments when I selected files for several dozen seconds, then I want to press the "right button" to copy and the laptop interprets it as a left and all selections went to devils. I do not know if I can not use the touchpad on the windows, but not always the "right button" worked for me. That's why, as I wrote above about the USB port. I can not work efficiently on the Xiaomi Air 13 on the touchpad, I need a mouse. Oczywiście wireless from Xiaomi : )

xiaomi notebook air 13


The battery in the Xiaomi Air 13 has a capacity of 5400mAh. How does this translate into reality? She had enough for 4-5 working hours. I mainly use the browser and watch movies on Youtube. I noticed that the very power-hungry application is iCloud from Apple, which is used for synchronization in the background of photos and documents. Maybe Apple specifically drains the batteries in Windows so that people choose Maki?

Speakers and camera

The camera has 1,3-megapixels, Skype is enough. Speakers are mounted on the bottom of the device, I often use the laptop on my lap and then the sound is very average. However, when the laptop is on the desk and the sound bounces off the table it is much better. If you are reading a poppy-seed cake, then the speakers in the new Pro and the twelfth are definitely better, in the Xiaomi Air 13 are on the Macbook Air level, assuming that it lies on your desk.

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xiaomi notebook air 13

Efficiency in everyday use

On a daily basis, performance is very good, if you are one of 95% of computer users who use social media equipment, YT, reading what's happening in the world is definitely enough. I was even surprised that Windows can work quickly. My previous memories of the Microsoft system are from the days when there were still HDD and Windows XP disks. And here, please, everything starts in the blink of an eye. Very good equipment for office functions.

The performance of the Xiaomi Air 13 in games is better than on the Macbook Air but ...

The processor is the Intel Core i5-6200 Dual 2.3GHz with turbo to 2.8GHz, graphics dedicated GeForce GT 940MX, 8 GB RAM and SSN 256GB. How does this translate into games? I am a non-Sunday player, indeed a big holiday. Personally, I only play Starcraft II and Football Manager. The Xiaomi Air 13 can be played on minimal details in SC2, however, the fans are working at full speed. That's why I played 2 games and gave up, it's a pity that I put a heavy load on the equipment for a longer period of time. During the game in Football Manager, the fan also works loudly, with this game even Macbook Pro for over 10 thousands of zlotys falls out poorly, the fan all the time on full.

The preinstalled system

The installed system is Chinese windows, I added guide how to install windows from scratch, in the Polish version. There will be no problem with the drivers, I placed the above entry.

Did Xiaomi Air 13 replace me with a Macbook?

No, I could not accept the touchpad, I often travel and the mouse is inconvenient for me. This is the only big drawback that pushes me away. If you're not a player, you'll be happy with the performance of your laptop. Windows, however, is not as bad as I thought before. If the updates were not so frustrating.

Currently testing Xiaomi Pro 15I liked it more than Air 13. This is largely due to the larger screen. Due to the weight and size for me, it is a laptop exclusively for home use. A Macbook on the go, and Xiaomi Pro 15 at home.