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Smart shoes from Xiaomi in cooperation with Intel

Smart Xiaomi shoes

Xiaomi presented another version of smart shoes, this time with the Intel Curie chip, called 90 Ultra Smart.

The shoes have been designed especially for beginner runners, they provide what is the most important in running shoes, good cushioning and stability. The mounted sole is non-slip, and the uppers mounted on the toes of the shoe are "breathable".

The shoes connect to the smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Our activity is recorded using a gyroscope and an accelerometer consisting of 6 sensoraxles. Shoes "learn" our steps and with time become more and more accurate. They can distinguish four types of movement, ie running, walking, cycling and climbing stairs. You probably think how it will be with the battery, after all the battery is a problem of modern gadgets. Xiaomi ensures that the chip used in the shoes automatically goes into sleep mode to reduce energy consumption and the life span reaches up to 60 days.

Shoes will be available in four color versions, in addition, Xiaomi decided on a special blue edition, which has to have a sole of the material made of luminescent material that shines.

90 ultra smart

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90 ultra smart

90 ultra smart

Xiaomi priced smart shoes on 299 yuan, around 43 $. So far they are in the crowdfunding campaign. They will soon be available for sale.