Magic cube Xiaomi, Xiaomi Magic Controller

Xiaomi Magic Controller

Xiaomi already has buttons that allow you to control your smart home, and what if the double buttons are not enough for us? The magic cube Xiaomi comes with the help. "Let's charm" with the Xiaomi Magic Controller.

Magic cube Xiaomi

Xiaomi Magic Controller is made of plastic and has dimensions 45x45x45mm. It has no button. You can only open one side of the square to replace the battery. The device works through Zigbee therefore it is necessary to have intelligent central unit home from Xiaomi, but it also has its advantages. The Zigbee module is very low-power, so the cube can work for two years on one CR2450 battery, the battery is generally available in Poland. There is no problem to buy a new one if you need it.

Xiaomi Magic Controller


The Xiaomi magic cube is traditionally pairing in the MiHome application by pressing + and selecting the Xiaomi Magic Controller. Due to the fact that there is no button on the device, shake the cube in the next step. After a few seconds, the cube will connect correctly with our central unit.

Where's the magic? It's time to proceed with the configuration. The cube is equipped with a three-point gyroscopic sensor that captures our ankle movements. Six options are defined to which it responds. All you need to do is choose one of them in the MiHome application and determine what should happen next, for example, lighting of light, switching off the music, purifier, what we determine depends only on us.

The movements that the Xiaomi Magic Controller reacts to. (GIF)

1. Rotation of 90 degrees

Xiaomi Magic Controller

2. Rotation of 190 degrees

Xiaomi Magic Controller

3. Shift

Xiaomi Magic Controller

4. Rotation

Magic bone Xiaomi

5. Double punch on the table

Magic bone Xiaomi

6. shake

Magic bone Xiaomi


The Xiaomi Magic Controller works exactly, there are no problems to make mistakes. It works very well on a desk, bench or bedside table. Have you already sat down on the couch in front of the TV, and you did not turn off the lights in the corridor? One movement of the ankle. Changing the lighting to "film screening" the second cube movement. End of viewing and you want to switch the lighting and turn off the TV power strip? Third movement, there are three more options. If your smart home system from Xiaomi already consists of several devices, the cube has good possibilities to control them.

Xiaomi Magic Controller I bought in the store for less than 13 $, now unfortunately the promotion is over and costs 19 $. Herring my sideI will add information if it is again at a lower price.

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